Navigating Difficult Conversations

As a principal it is inevitable that the need to have tough conversations will arise more frequently than one would desire. Although, navigating the tough conversations with teachers is less than desirable it is a must to secure positive morale of the staff. For example, when teachers who go the extra mile, always meet deadlines, have high levels of student achievement or are always punctual see teachers who do not hold to the same level of professionalism not be held accountable, the morale of the “do gooders” begins to suffer. Therefore, although perhaps the most unpleasant part of leadership, being willing to have tough conversations with teachers to address performance concerns, is a must for successful principals.

Additionally, navigating tough conversations with parents is no picnic for principals or teachers for that matter. It’s a good practice to offer teachers administrator support when they are faced with a difficult parent conversation. The link below offers tips for teachers as they prepare for these types of parent talks.

Navigating Difficult Conversations with Parents

Dr Kendra Strange

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